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Insurance Liaison/Health Policy Committee: This committee will monitor the insurer policies for adherence with published practice guidelines. Recommendations and feedback to insurer on present or future evaluation, diagnostic and treatment strategies in the field of sleep medicine.

Board Liaison: Mohan Dutt, MD

Chair Person: Mark Garwood, MD

Members: R. Bart Sangal, MD; Q. Afifa Shamim-Uzzaman, MD; and Virginia Skiba, MD; Maria Tovr Torres, MD.

Annual Conference Planning Committee: This committee will solicit speakers for the conference and all conference related activities. Coordinate additional educational initiatives that will enhance the conference experience of attendees. Coordinate with the local convention bureau or local hospitality companies for convention information, housing, parking, etc.  Solicit commercial support and advertisement of the conference.

Board Liaison: Mohan Dutt, MD

Chair Person/Conference Host: Mohan Dutt, MD

Members:  Christopher Morgan, MD; Soumya Madala, MD, Virginia Skiba, MD; Vishal Saini, MD; Gita Gupta, MD; Cindy Nichols, PhD.; Beth McClellan, FNP and Karen Carter.

Education and Practice Management Committee:  This committee will provide updates to the MASM membership on evidence-based sleep medicine practice.  Increase public and provider awareness of sleep health and provide feedback from MASM membership to AASM on AASM accreditation scoring and policies.

Board Liaison: Virginia Skiba, MD

Chair Person: Gita Gupta, MD

Members: Mohan Dutt MD, Latanya Bolden, RPSGT, Larry Darnell, RPSGT, Afifa Shamim-Uzzaman MD, Cindy Nichols, PhD. 

RPSGT, Afifa Shamim-Uzzaman MD, Virginia Skiba MD, Cindy Nichols, Ph

Membership Committee:  This committee will be responsible for recruiting and renewing members. Developing and implementing a membership marketing strategy. Highlight the contributions and publications from MASM members. The newsletter, research awards are the responsibility of this committee.

Board Liaison: Gita Gupta, MD

Chair Person: Soumya Madala, MD

Members:  Q. Afifa Shamim-Uzzaman, MD; Lorraine Brierley, RPSGT; Jennifer Speller, RPSGT; and Karen Carter.

We would be thrilled to have more active involvement from our members.  If you are interested in participating in a committee, please send in your interest via an email to Karen Carter along with your CV kcarter@wcmssm.org

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