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MSMS House of Delegate Report, 2014

Financially, MSMS reported increased operating surplus margins, despite the extraordinary amount of staff time invested infrastructure to keep it robust, and overall expenditures 2% under budget for the year.

Within a changing healthcare environment, MSMS membership continues to engage physicians and other healthcare leaders in the efforts to grow membership associated with an increasing shift of physicians who are either choosing to become employed or aligning with larger groups or physician organizations. MSMS staff has noted an increasing level of difficulty when it comes to convincing physicians to join on an individual level which MSMS has historically been based on individual physicians choosing to be members, MSMS membership staff will pursue memberships on a group or PO level in order to increase membershipas these efforts will become more vital to the long term health of MSMS and its component societies. The goal of MSMS over the next 3 years is to stabilize and maximize current revenue segments, develop new non-dues revenue streams and continue to develop and implement operational efficiencies. MSMS is projecting to continue to generate modest operating surplus to continue to deliver services to members and add to the reserves of the organization.

The House of Delegates considered dozens of resolutions for MSMS to act on behalf of the physician and health care community. Many pertained to the issues of the scope of practice, health plan intransigence, discrimination against international graduates and visa holders, bylaw housekeeping, and physician rights of due process. Below are some of the more controversial resolutions passed by the House.

RESOLVED: That MSMS advocate for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of any purchasers of abortion riders; and be it further
RESOLVED: That MSMS oppose legislative measures that place limitations on the scope of health care coverage private insurance companies can offer in a comprehensive health plan.

Gun Violence
RESOLVED: That MSMS encourage inclusion of presentations about the prevention of gun violence in national, state, and local continuing medical education programs; and be it further
RESOLVED: That MSMS ask the AMA to encourage inclusion of presentations about the prevention of gun violence in national, state and local continuing medical education programs.

Compounding Pharmacies
RESOLVED: That MSMS works with LARA and other interested parties to ensure quality and safety of compounded prescriptions while not limiting physician access to needed compounds for patients; and be it further
RESOLVED: That MSMS support a reasonable and accurate track and trace system of compounded products to provide an added safeguard to enable appropriate investigation of any identified injury or danger to patients.

LGBTQIA Anti-Discrimination Legislation
RESOLVED: That MSMS oppose discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation; and be it
RESOLVED: That MSMS work with applicable parties for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity among the protected classes in non-discrimination laws in Michigan.

submitted by Harvey W. Organek, MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM, CBSM

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