How do I update my contact information with the MASM?

The easiest way to update your information is to log in to the Members Only section of the MASM website. If this is your first time logging in, enter your email address and click the “Forgot password” link to set your password. After you log in simply click on your name (located at the top right corner of page above the website header) and then click the “Edit Profile” button.


How much are membership dues?

Cost varies according to category. See below:

  • Regular Membership – Annual Dues: $80.00     Regular members possess a MD, DO, PhD, DDS or other doctoral degree in the health care field and are active in sleep disorders medicine.
  • Affiliate Membership – Annual Dues: $40.00     Affiliate members have special training in the healthcare field such as technologists, nurses and sleep center managers who are active in the clinical and/or research aspect of sleep medicine.
  • Regular-In Training Membership – Annual Dues: $25.00   Regular in training members are in a formal training program who, upon completion, will be eligible for Regular Membership. This category includes residents, fellows, and PhD candidates.
  • Student Membership – Annual Dues: $15.00     Student members are in a formal training who, upon completion, will be eligible for Affiliate or Regular-In Training Membership.  
  • Sleep Center Membership – Annual Dues: $330.00     Sleep center members are accredited by the AASM including full service sleep disorders, sleep disorders center for sleep-related breathing disorders, and/or out of center testing centers.
  • Industry Affiliate Membership – Annual Dues: $150.00     Affiliate industry members includes DME’s, Pharma, Hospitals, Health Plans, and other health care industry entities involved in the care of sleep disorders afflicted patients.

If I join the MASM in the middle of the year, will my membership last for the next 12 months?

No. Memberships expire at the end of December and must be renewed for the upcoming year. New members who join between October and December get the remainder of the current year and a full year of membership for the upcoming year.

I want to renew my membership online, but I forgot my login information for the website. How can I get my login information?

Send an email to the membership department with your full name and you will receive an email reply with your login information.

You can also enter your email address and click the “Forgot password” link and you will receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.

Can I renew my membership or become a member over the phone?

Yes, you can renew your membership over the phone at (313) 874-1360, ext 303. You can also join or renew online, or you can fax or mail to the MASM a membership application or renewal invoice.

Do you accept PO’s as payment for membership?

No. The MASM does not accept PO’s as payment. We accept checks, PayPal payments, and these credit cards processed via PayPal portal: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Why is my mailing address not included in the Membership Directory?

As a part of the MASM’s privacy policy, only the business address of members appears in the Membership Directory.

How do I apply for a student membership?

You will need a letter from your dean or supervisor that is printed on school or sleep disorders center  letterhead, verifying your status as a student. Fax or mail this letter to the MASM with you membership application. If you apply online, you will need to fax or mail the letter to the MASM within one week of your application date.

Since our center is a center member of the MASM, am I also considered an MASM member since I am on staff at the center?

No. Center and individual memberships are different and require separate applications. Both categories of membership have their own unique benefits.

How can I get a copy of my credits from a past conference?

You can contact our main office by e-mail: kcarter@wcmssm.org 

What are the qualifications for becoming a Board officer?

Members in good standing (dues are paid for the current calendar year) who are Regular or Affiliate Members are eligible to run for Board of Director positions.

How can I put my name in nomination for an officer position?

You can submit your name to the President of MASM who is also the Chairman of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee  whose membership includes the President, the President-Elect, and the Past-President consider qualified candidates for office who are interested in contributing to the field of sleep medicine in Michigan.

Can I advertise for a position on your website?

Please contact our main office by e-mail: kcarter@wcmssm.org or call (313) 874-1360, ext 303 to talk to our administrative about our opportunities.