Later School Start Times

Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine (MASM) position statement on implementing later
middle school and high school start times in Michigan:

A natural shift in the body’s internal “circadian” clock occurs during puberty, causing most
teenagers to have a biological preference for later sleep and wake time. However, with current
school start times, teenagers are not getting the amount and quality of sleep they need to meet
their full potential.

  •  Substantial evidence shows that later school start times reduce chronic sleep loss; decrease school tardiness; and improve physical health, mental health, driving safety, academic performance, and quality of life for teenagers.
  •  In concordance with the American Medical Association (AMA) and American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the MASM believes that middle school and high school start times should be 8:30 AM or later to promote optimal student health and performance.
  • The MASM is asking academic institutions, school boards, parents, and policy makers to raise public awareness about how school start times affect student performance and well- being and to promote a state-wide standard of middle and high school start times of 8:30 AM or later.

Released by the MASM Board of Medical Directors on May 22, 2023.

View the entire resolution here.

Message to Members

One of the projects that our Academy has been working on is to support and help to change the start school times in Michigan.

In 2022 we presented a resolution to the MSMS (Michigan State Medical Society) House of Delegates addressing the importance of a later school time for our high schools and middle schools. The resolution was approved and ready to take to the next level, but to really make a change we need your help. This year we are working together with the Michigan Chapter for Start School Later, Laura Humann and Dr. Hanne Hoffmann. 

Please see the attached letter from them showing where the need it. We are attaching a sample letter you can send to your elected officials urging for lateral school start times.

We appreciate your support.


MASM Board of Directors

Click here to sign and print the letter of support.