About MASM

The Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine (MASM), formerly known as the Michigan Sleep Disorders Association (MSDA) was organized as a not-for-profit organization in 1990 by seven sleep medicine physicians for scientific and educational purposes, and to act as a voice for sleep professionals in the State of Michigan.

The MASM promotes and provides education in polysomnography and sleep medicine as well as increased public awareness of the field. The MASM encourages in the advancement of scientific and technical standards of polysomnographic technology, and promotes the highest standards of training and qualifications for sleep medicine physicians and polysomnographic technologists.

The Academy shall have the purpose of bringing together the full breadth of sleep professionals, their health care colleagues, private industry, and health plans/insurances to promote communication, understanding, and management of sleep disorders and to improve health policy through education programs, dissemination of scientific research, and through liaison activities.